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Outdoor event only,

or in a good ventilatet large room





I'm married to Inge Nassen and we have 3 doughters and upuntil now 4 grandkids


I was for more then 10 years bartender and worked as a private driver for 17 years,

besides the daily job I managed to keep on painting = 32 years experience as a painter

I found a very special hobby in fire dancing.

After a period of training and lessons I was able to go semi proffessional

I do fulltime artistic performances in

painting, firedancing, material master and decor building

for that I am very thankfull.


Hello and welcome

This is a short introduction of the company flow4fire,

myself, my family and my inspiration

Theater of living arts

About me


I was born in '70 in Holland and at the age of 14 years I decided to become artist.

The real challenge was not to decide but to become an artist.

I worked day and night to become who I am today

Painting was from the beginning a strong connection for me to express my inner self and the story of others.

Nevertheless I also make sculptures and constructions in iron and wood as a blacksmith and carpenter.

In fire dancing and the making of equipment I find a perfect combination and balance in all my beloved disciplines.


I'm very gratefull of all challenges and opportunities

given to me to become the artist that I'm today.

Outdoor only


Or in a large good ventilatet room,


We give fireshowdancing at your, festival, event, weddings, parties, market and teambuilding for your company event and also at private parties such as birthday, jubileum or (family) BBQ.


Our unique sellingpoint is that we can arange a large group of firedancers at your festival or event aswel the possibillitie to hire a smaler group of 1 or 3 dancers.

Our style is tribal, sjamanistic and Keltic

if you have a special request we are open for sugestion,

we bring our own materials.





Mission statement

My mission in life is to bring happyness to all by my art and by firesancing,


To bring yoy to all, to grow and to ceep learning how to bring more love, peace, harmony and understanding in the world.


As I've made my life myself so can you,

your life can be made according to your wishes.


In my lessons are personalitie training and emotional management key element structures.. By facing a challange you thought you could'nt do and by overcomming your preset about facing danger you will be able to transform any situation which thought to be impossible to become a controled and ballanced possibility.



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